You might remember the flooding in Northeastern Oregon and Southeastern Washington right about this time last year. And here we sit with all the conditions just right to make it happen again, it seems. And since for the last 12 months, the world has been more full of bad news than good news you might expect that to be the case this year. So far so good, though. Walla County Emergency Management says that although snow in the mountains is above average, this will be a slow melt, and flooding is not expected. There's no reason to be concerned right now anyway...we're still in flood season and sh!t happens, but if it does it will be because of heavy rains and not the upcoming snowmelt. You might remember that January last year was not snowy, but instead rainey. The National Guard even had to airlift some folks to safety as rivers could not be contained by their banks. You can read the full story on the comments from the Walla Walla County Emergency Management spokesperson about this year's flood prognosis HERE.

2019 wasn't a good year for Northeastern Oregon and Southeastern Washington, either. Below is drone footage of some of the flood devastation in that area.


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