Nobody likes mosquito bites. But I especially hate them and I tell you why! For some reason, and this just started in the last few years, mosquito bites really turn out nasty on me. It's more than just an irritating itch and a bump that eventually goes away. Mine, even if I don't touch them which is almost impossible, start off as a little blister and then become a yucky scab. The very first time this happened to me I thought it might be the West Nile virus or something.  I did a Google search and I am not the only one affected like this. They say if you get a mosquito bite that blisters you should cover it with a bandage and petroleum jelly. Don't break the blister!

That's why I wanted to spread the word on this event coming up on Saturday, April 17th, sponsored by Benton County Mosquito Control. They're doing a tire drive and they want your old tires. They say that one female mosquito can produce thousands of eggs in a single tire. They only do this once a year, and it's free. Here's a chance to do some Spring cleaning and help keep your yard mosquito-free. If your yard is mosquito-free, that helps my yard stay mosquito-free! You can bring up to 20 tires and they must be rimless. Sorry, they won't accept giant tractor tires lol. You can drop off your used tires at 4951 W. Van Giesen in West Richland on April 17th. For all the details, visit the Benton County Mosquito Control Tire Drive Facebook page HERE.



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