A beautiful bronze body can soon be yours without radiation, sprays, tanning beds or even sweat. No side effects. Even notoriously fair skinned and way-prone to burn redheads? You're good to go too.

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Scientists, according to the BBC, say they have developed a drug that mimics sunlight to make the skin tan by "tricking" the skin into producing the melanin that makes the skin turn brown. And there is no damaging U-V radiation involved. The drug was found to work on human skin samples and in mice. The Massachusetts General Hospital research team says they also have evidence that suggests it will even work on redheads who normally burn in the sun. They think the discovery could help prevent skin cancer and slow the appearance of aging..

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The drug is rubbed in the skin to kick-start the body's production of melanin. It is a markedly different approach to our current options for fake tans, essentially painting the skin or exposure to U-V light through tanning beds. The scientists say they hope to one day combine their drug with a sunscreen to give maximum protection from solar radiation.

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