Rolling down Keene Road in Richland and West Richland could mean a speeding ticket if you aren't paying attention to the speed limit signs.

New speed limit changes are coming to Keene Road as the City Council has passed new speed limits on Keene Road so beware of these changes.

The new speed limit signs will be up and in effect starting January 13th.

You'll see the new signs on the road so slow it down through the areas listed below:

1) 650 feet east of S. Highlands Blvd to 650 feet west of Belmont Blvd – 35 mph
2) 650 feet west of Belmont Blvd to SR 224 (Van Giesen) – 45 mph
3) SR 224 (Van Giesen) to Ruppert Road – 35 mph

At least the one good thing about the new speed limits is that the signs used are generally new so they tend to reflect a lot better off of your headlights in the nighttime.

I'm sure there will also be extra patrols monitoring those areas for speeding so if you are in the area, pump those brakes and watch your speed so you don't get a ticket.

I'm sure the police will be giving warnings for a while but then they'll start ticketing because that excuse of not knowing the new speed limit won't last for long.

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