The good news is, there are no major fires really close to the Tri-Cities area at this time. However, the Burbank fire, not to be confused with the town of Burbank outside of Tri-Cities, but the Burbank Creek Fire which is outside of Yakima, near Selah, is still burning. That fire has managed to destroy 12,000 acres so far. The Green Ridge fire is still burning near Walla Walla, and there are a couple of fires near Lewiston. The Tri-Cities woke up to hazy sunshine as shown in the photo above, and periods of smoke will come and go with the surrounding fires. Hot days are keeping fire warnings and watches close by, and a heat advisory is in effect until 8 p.m. Wednesday (8/14), but cooler days are coming starting on Thursday with highs in the mid-90s. We will see the low-90s on Friday and windy conditions with these cooler temperatures. So we get a little break from the heat, but smoky conditions may continue depending on how the wind treats these fires that are currently burning. You can check this FIRE AND SMOKE MAP to keep track of the situation in your area.

I heard on the news that people with asthma or diabetes may be more sensitive to Smoky conditions. Well, the asthma part makes sense to me. But people with diabetes? It turns out that since people with diabetes have a higher prevalence to heart disease then their risk of being hospitalized due to Smoky conditions are increased. And here I was thinking that breathing in too much Wildfire smoke could affect my blood sugar. LOL


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