Today is Administrative Professionals' Day, so we want you to nominate someone for "Best Administrative Assistant". The hard work these people put into keeping their bosses on-top of their schedules, keeping the paperwork organized, and answering the phone should not go unnoticed. That's why we're asking you to tell us what makes your administrative assistant awesome.

Here's what KORD listeners are saying about their administrative assistants, so take a look!


Samee Kreider


I would like to nominate Samee Kreider as the Best Administrative Assistant. Our office wouldn't survive without Samee and her warm personality. She keeps every one of us organized and in line, while being the glue that holds our office together. She is the first person our visitors meet when they walk through the door, and they are always greeted with a welcoming smile and a genuine friendly hello. She is the main voice everyone reaches when they call our office, she keeps our supplies stocked, our travel and expenses arranged, the kitchen organized, and basically knows the answer to everything we need help with. Whenever she is on vacation or has to be in another office for a short time, things definitely don't run as smoothly as when she is here. She has the most pleasant demeanor and is always thinking of others as she goes about her daily activities. Worley Parsons Polestar wouldn't survive without our Samee!



Leslie Koep

Leslie is an amazing women who truly is the backbone of Kadlec Clinic. Not only does she keep track of our president better than he keeps track of himself (ha ha) but she also is able to juggle numerous tasks at once and is able to keep them all straight. I would find it a great honor to nominate Leslie as the Best EVER Administrative Assistant!! She is an amazing individual and deserves all the kudos in the world!



Carolyn Friesen

Carolyn is an amazing professional, her ability to cover so many areas is crazy, she looking after 13+ people, maintains the office calendar, the carpool and still her # 1 function of being there for the Boss is amazing.. She is set to retire soon and I just don't think they will be able to find 1 person who can do what she does. Carolyn's skills go far beyond her organization her witty colorful signs adorn the office reminding us to smile, laugh, have great attitudes and so forth. She decorates her cubicle every season, & has a candy dish on her counter. Carolyn always has a smile and when she isn't on the phone she's one of the first to always say hello when you walk in to the office. Her husband Jerry is an amazing baker always bringing in brownies, cookies and special treats, he and Carolyn have a great relationship, many days he drops her off at work and picks her up, and they love Disney World. Carolyn is your Best administrative Assistant.



Stephanie Owens

Stephanie Owens is great because she goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is my library secretary and has helped change the feel of my library this past year. She gets involved with school staff events, will drive to get helium, if needed, helps discipline children, and makes my job easier. Finally, after 5 years, I have a wonderful, knowledgeable, and hard working secretary. Thanks Steph - you are awesome!



Marisa Hansen

Marisa is the glue that holds the office together she is cheerful which rubs off on everyone else. We miss her when she is gone and really appreciate her when she is here but tend to not state this enough.