Have you ever been "booed"? A Richland family got booed but not in the way you might think. 

I'm on the Nextdoor app. If you don't know what the Nextdoor app is, it's an app that allows you to sign up within your neighborhood and gets news and events.

The great thing about the app is that it allows you to post happenings and such going on within a particular neighborhood.

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One Richland family reported getting "booed" and it's definitely not the kind of booing that you are thinking of.

Here are the details of "booing" from the Nextdoor app:

I withheld the user name to protect their identity but the "booing" happened in the Meadow Springs part of Richland. Here is what the user wrote:

 I've Been Booed!

I've never heard of this, but today, left at my door was a Trick or Treat bag of goodies with a note: "You've been Boo'ed". Thanks to whoever boo'ed us. We moved into our home during the middle of the pandemic so haven't really met any of our neighbors, but we must have nice ones!

Turns out "booing" is leaving a little bag of goodies wrapped around the doorknob of your neighbors. I saw the posting and thought how clever.

My neighbors in Kennewick are great too. They stopped by with a plate of cookies when we moved in.

You see postings like this and you are reminded that there is still a lot of great neighborhoods in the Tri-Cities.

I didn't know what "Booing" is but now I do and I think we should make it the norm in the Tri-Cities.

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