Social distancing is bringing back the 2010 game of "Icing." Icing is a game in which a person would normally conceal a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, in hopes someone would find it. When the drink is discovered, the person who finds it is supposed to kneel on one knee and chug it.

With social distancing a must these days, the fun folks in Benton City have been having their own fun with the game. Amanda & Lisa Patnode, Tawny Chase, Windy Welch and other friends have been Icing their neighborhood! They have gone from house to house, taking extra precautions and dropping off all kinds of fun beverages to be found by friends.

So far, everyone has obliged them with their game and the snowball effect is occurring. The fun seems to be spreading, safely, full of laughs, and great pictures. So if you happen to open your front door and see a frosty beverage waiting for you, drop to one knee and get to chugging... most likely your friends are at a safe distance (in the bushes) taking pictures. Don't forget, apple juice works just as well for anyone who prefers the non-alcoholic beverage. Have fun and be safe, pm me for my address!

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