About 68% of Americans think 2011 was a bad one for them, on the upside most people polled thought it will get better for them in 2012. I believe good things happen to good people, and I don't mean they will win the lottery because they volunteer at the soup kitchen. Good people have an inner happiness that can't be measured, and most good people don't even know they have it. Too me good and happy go hand in hand. A good person will hold a door open for a perfect stranger, and not even notice if the person doesn't say thank you, they just smile on move on. Now, a nice person may hold a door open for a perfect stranger, but get a little upset if they don't get a thank you, that's the difference between good and nice. Let's take baby steps this year. Evil people just try and be bad this year, and bad people try and be miserable, miserable people try and be mean, mean people try and be bitter, bitter people try and be cranky,  cranky people try and be tolerable, tolerable people try and be nice, and nice people try and be good. I think if we all try and do one good thing a day and don't ask for a pat on the back, eventually we all surround ourselves with the right people. Remember, misery loves company, good attracts it. How will you make 2012 a better one for you and others around you?