New Year's Eve is around the corner and fireworks will be lighting up the night sky but there are some rules you'll need to follow according to the City of Walla Walla.

Yes, you can discharge fireworks in the City of Walla Walla on New Year's but you have to follow some rules so you don't get a ticket.

Hours allowed for the discharge of fireworks in Walla Walla:

  • 6 p.m. Dec. 31 until 1 a.m. Jan. 1
  • 9 a.m.-midnight on July 4

In March 1995, the City invited public comment on several proposed ordinances, which included rules for food service, nuisances, fireworks, and noise control.

On April 12 of that year, the City Council approved Ordinance 95-7, which among other actions, established the majority of the City's current fireworks policy.

Fireworks that are legal in Walla Walla are cylindrical fountains, hand-held sparklers, ground spinners, smoke devices, and wheels.

Fireworks that are illegal in Walla Walla:

  • Fireworks that travel more than 20 feet off the ground
  • Fireworks that travel more than 15 feet along the ground
  • Fireworks specifically designed to produce noise including whistles, booms, pops, crackles, and bangs
  • Bees/butterflies
  • Torches

The City of Walla Walla has also published some Firework Safety tips on their website:

Use only legal fireworks. Many types of fireworks, even when purchased at fireworks booths in Walla Walla County or adjacent cities, are not permitted in the city of Walla Walla.

• Only use fireworks outdoors, away from structures, vehicles, and combustible materials. No fireworks may be possessed or discharged in any public park.

• Do not throw fireworks or hold them in your hands.

• Protect your eyes.

• Never tamper with or alter a firework.

• Light only one device at a time.

• Never attempt to relight a firework that fails to light or does not work the first time.

• Keep water close by and soak fireworks after use.

• By Washington state law, firework sales are limited to people age 16 and older. Keep fireworks, matches, and lighters away from children.

• Clean up after yourself.

• Many animals become frightened; consider pets.

You can get more details about fireworks and what is permitted for New Year's Eve here.

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