Today is National Ice Cream Day and here are some new stats are out on what we like to consume.  But really, in the grand scope of things, isn't EVERY day National Ice Cream Day?

Here are some results from a new survey that shows just how much we all love ice cream, probably a little TOO much.

  1. 40% of people have eaten an entire pint in one sitting.
  2. 24% eat ice cream to feel better when they're sad . . . 22% have eaten it to feel better after a break-up . . . and 9% have CRIED while they were eating it.
  3. 16% have gotten sick from eating too much ice cream . . . and 13% of people say they're lactose intolerant but still eat it.
  4. 9% have used ice cream to end an argument.
  5. And finally, 7% have canceled plans to stay home and eat ice cream.

We all love ice cream, but we sure are BASIC about it.

A new survey asked people to name their favorite flavor.

And there aren't a whole lot of wild or unexpected results . . . pretty much the opposite.

Here are our 10 favorite ice cream flavors . . .

  1. Chocolate, 14%.
  2. Vanilla, 13%.
  3. Butter pecan, 11%.
  4. Cookies and cream, 8%.
  5. Mint chocolate chip, 8%.
  6. Chocolate chip cookie dough, 6%.
  7. Strawberry, 6%.
  8. Pistachio, 5%.
  9. Rocky road, 5%.
  10. Chocolate chip, 4%.

Waffle or sugar cone? One scoop? More scoops? Yes, please!

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