In order for Tri-Citians to go back to work safely, there needs to be some basic sanitation measures especially at a huge construction project like the Handford Vitrification Plant project

Hanford Vit Plant Handwashing stations

From a Facebook post here's what we learned

When faced with a supply chain challenge for purchasing handwash stations, the Vit Plant team found a creative way of getting the job done -- designing and building its own modeled after the Recreational Vehicle industry.

As a result, 12 new custom-built stations have been deployed across the Jobsite and allow team members to follow handwashing guidelines to help prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

Arnie Muth, a senior field engineer, had spent more than a decade in the RV industry before joining the Vit Plant. He and senior field engineer Matt VanDerRhoer collaborated on the design while craft members built the handwashing stations at the job site's T-15 Combo Shop.

It was a team effort with craftsmen from the Carpenters Union and completed in conjunction with the work of Union Plumbers, Painters, Teamsters, Operating Engineers, and Laborer tradesmen.

“If we couldn’t buy them, we would build them," Arnie says. "We adopted plumbing design principles found in the RV and marine industry and worked with the Procurement team to get those same industry parts delivered.”

Thank you to the team for its innovative approach to ensuring safety comes first!


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