A Richland family discovered that the five inflatable Halloween decorations in their front yard were all slashed sometime late Sunday night.

It's just so sad that people can't leave other people's things alone. And this just doesn't affect the parents who now have to pay to replace all of these things that they accumulated over several years oh, but the kids who love the front yard decorations and like to hide behind them and play around them.

In Richland on Sunday night, somebody slashed five front yard inflatable Halloween decorations and left them for dead. It looked like carnage and chaos with the scary inflatable ghost and the little kitty in a pumpkin decoration lying together in the grass, never to inflate again. There was also a tall inflatable Grim Reaper, whose scary face shows that he saw his killer coming. The fans that inflate them were still eerily running, yet providing no life to their assigned bodies. The limp and lifeless character bodies were rushed into an emergency patching room where gluers and tapers were unable to save the victims of this senseless crime.

I'm not sure if all of the above is true and accurate, but it sounds good if you read it in your best news announcer voice. More on the story from KEPR-TV HERE.

Below is a fellow who is proud of his inflatables and has not yet been a slasher victim.


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