This has to go down as one of the most genius moments in law enforcement ever! Apparently, this past Sunday, a man driving a Tesla got into an argument with another fella and the guy in the Tesla actually ran into him on purpose. Now understand, the Tesla driver was in his car and the other guy was on foot. This is pure and simple assault. Maybe even attempted murder! I mean, he did purposely run into a guy with his car after all (they have witnesses). Fortunately, the victim only suffered bumps bruises, and cuts. Meanwhile, Moses Lake Police were suddenly looking for a bad guy in a Tesla. It turns out one of their Community Service Officers (and yes I had to look that up because I wasn't sure what that was, They provide support in crime prevention, investigation, and response where full police powers are unnecessary and assist police officers in upholding law and order, according to Wikipedia), decided that the best place to find a Tesla would be at a charging station! Genius! And they even found him charging his Tesla illegally. As far as I know, the cheapest Teslas are like $50 or $60 Grand. They didn't say the Tesla was stolen, so if he's well-off enough to afford a car that expensive, what in the heck is he doing in jail for felony assault and hit-and-run? Temper, temper. Some people's kids.

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