Good day and welcome to relationship time. After the particular incident that follows, the police department in Chase, British Columbia, Canada declined to expound upon their potential expanding role in the world of dating.

A guy from Shuswap, in B.C., (Shoe-swap?) called the cops to ask them to tell his ex to stop showing up at his house.  But when the cops talked to her, they found out she thought the relationship was still going . . . so the guy had just used the cops to BREAK UP with her.

“Police spoke with the woman who was unaware the relationship had ended,” says Cpl. Scott Linklater in a news release. “The woman advised that she understood the relationship is now over and will no longer contact the man.”

Brilliant. And no repercussions. Cops keeping mum on what they might do if faced with this scene in the future. Kind of an a-hole way to break up with someone if you think about it, though. I don't know. Cool or dick move?



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