Remember all those days in the mid-70's with literally no wind? Yeah well, those days are over LOL.

Gusty winds are on tap for the Tri-Cities today. Nothing like the 60 mph winds we had last week, but just enough to be nerve wracking. Even a little gustier in the Walla Walla area. But the big story is the drop in temperatures. Later this week for Tri-Cities, highs will be only in the mid and upper 40's. That's a pretty big difference considering it was 59 degrees early this morning. At about the same time of the morning, say 4 a.m. or so, that temp will be in the mid-20's Saturday and Sunday mornings. Brrrr. Who else is getting their sprinklers blown out this week? If you're a little late on scheduling that and they can blow yours out until next week, don't let 25 degrees scare you. I'm told it doesn't really affect underground sprinkler pipes until it's that cold during the day also. So the water in your sprinkler pipes shouldn't be freezing in the next week or two.

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