A friend that will swap clothes with you so the police don't find you, is a friend for life.

Maybe they can share a jail cell together since they're so close! Now, if I were sitting on the couch, watching TV and sippin' on a cold brew, and my friend came bursting in saying, Put my clothes on, go outside where the police are waiting, and pretend you're me...I'm not so sure I would oblige. But that's what this fella did for his friend...or was he forced? Either way, it didn't work. Probably because the original perp didn't have long, blonde hair, but the friend, now dressed in his clothes, does.

So now what do you do after the rouse didn't work? Jump out the back window, of course. Then what? Run into someone's home and barricade yourself (the homeowner fled and he's lucky he didn't get shot at). Do you know exactly what tear gas smells like? He does now.

Bad dudes always seem to be popular with the ladies. A couple of women who live in the first dwelling that he jumped out of were there to try to muddy things up and help him escape. They're in jail now, too.

Man barricades for nearly three hours inside rural Soap Lake home

Near SOAP LAKE, Wash. (21APR2021) -- A 40-year-old...

Posted by Grant County Sheriff's Office - Tom Jones, Sheriff on Wednesday, April 21, 2021



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