The feller pictured below has allegedly been very busy messing with other people's property lately, according to Kennewick and Pasco police. Oh look, there's a Subaru in an open garage in West Pasco. I think I'll take it! Police are pretty sure that's exactly what he did because he was spotted at the Kennewick Walmart later, jumping into that stolen Subaru and driving off with the items he just stole from the Walmart! Busy, busy, busy! Later, Kennewick police saw that Subaru in the area of 10th and Vancouver. Naturally, he didn't like the fact that the officer pulled a U-turn and came after him. So he sped away. They finally did recover the Subaru empty and undamaged. This guy sure isn't going to stop. He's on a roll and feeling confident. Let's show him that he might get away briefly, but decent and honest people, with a little help from social media, will put him and his sticky fingers behind bars.

Aside from the keys being left in the ignition, how does criminal scum manage to start and drive off in your car? It's quite easy, actually, and only takes 2 seconds. You just reach under the steering wheel and pull on the first wires you feel. They will be long enough to pull out so you can see what you're doing. You'll notice that two of the wires have already been cut and stripped for your convenience. Now, just touch those two wires together and the car will start right up. I know these things because I watch a lot of movies.


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