Some people LOVE to Yard Sale and some people love to even put on Yard Sales!

I happen to NOT enjoy either!

Most of the time I end up giving the stuff away anyway. But this year I have some bigger ticket items that I'm sure I could get a pretty penny for and could really use the money!

But, I'm a believer that if you don't need something that you have and you generously give it away and pass it on to someone who does need it, that  when you are in need, something usually gets passed your way!. Or at least that is the hope!

It seems I often buy something at a high price and then give it away sometime later! But, on the other hand, I always seem to find a way to get what I need even if I have to pay for it!. So that in itself is a blessing. Sorry I'm thinking out loud here and debating all this in my head as I write!

Okay! Done Deal!  I'm voting "Donate" it seems far easier and I'm way to busy to put on a Yard Sale! Thanks for working that through with me! :) LOL


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