The Washington State Department of Agriculture discovered more than 24,000 Japanese Beetles in Grandview last year. Compare that to just 3-5 beetles the year before.

According to a report on NBC Right Now, they are planning to get rid of the invasive species starting this Spring.

These destructive little beetles are native to Northern Japan. The adults eat the leaves of plants while the larvae attack the roots. They are incredibly invasive once they get going, and as you might imagine that could really hurt crops in the great state of Washington.

Did you know that if you find Japanese beetles you can just pop them in your mouth for a delicious snack? (Also contact the WSDA and let them know you've found them in your area.)

Japanese beetles are not poisonous or toxic in any way according to In fact, you can eat the Japanese beetles and even the grubs or eggs of immature beetles.

So what do they taste like? says they are quite tasty, nutritious, and good to eat. But in the video below you will find that he doesn't quite agree. He says they don't taste like anything he's ever tasted before! Skip to the 4:20 mark to see him eat the beetle.

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