Joel Watson, the owner of Just Joel's in Kennewick is no stranger to our community. He has done so much charitable work in our area for so many, it's time we help give him the little nudge he needs to get put on the map nationwide! The Food Network posted on their Facebook page two days ago asking "What is a local restaurant you think Food Network should know about? Give it some love." So let's do it! Let's go vote for Just Joel's and help get him noticed!

I had heard of Just Joel's for years, literally years before I had the chance to go sit down at his establishment and find out for myself what all the hype was about. I am actually embarrassed that it took me so long to do so! Well, it was more than worth the wait! I took my best friend "Bubba" for breakfast a few weeks ago and my biggest issue was deciding what to order, it all looked so good! Bubba ordered the chicken fried steak and it was a platter of delicious art, however when he was done that art had been completely erased!

I was open to trying anything so I scoured the menu until something caught my eye, it was the "Mike has diabeetus" with the option of "if you're really gross like Mike you can add hollandaise sauce." So I ordered the Diabeetus and got really gross like Mike and added the hollandaise sauce. Oh my goodness was it delish!

I didn't hesitate to go and cast my vote for Joel! If you agree with me and you would like to help get him noticed you just need to go click on the Food Network Facebook page and scroll down (it was posted two days ago, so it is buried a bit) until you find their post and vote!

Photo Credit: Joel Watson
Photo Credit: Joel Watson




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