When Glen Campbell announced his Alzheimer’s diagnosis earlier this year, it served for many as a poignant reminder of the fragility of the human condition and the fleeting nature of our time on Earth. His honesty regarding his condition, and his decision to bid farewell to his fans with a final album and tour, have been an inspiration to countless fans.

Campbell stopped by the Sirius XM studios recently to perform tracks from the recently released ‘Ghost on the Canvas,’ and a lucky handful of those fans were in attendance — as well as Tanya Tucker, whose tumultuous relationship with Campbell ended in a long estrangement.

For Tucker, who hadn’t seen Campbell in over 20 years, the occasion was anything but bittersweet. “There’s nothing bitter about it,” she said afterwards. “It’s all sweet. He was funny as usual and always on pitch. He’s a great singer and he’s funny.”

Asked to describe the emotions that brought her to the show, she responded, “He’s just so great. We want him to be a long time going. Because he’s such a wonderful … legend, really. He’s always been so great. He’s still got it. I’ve loved him since I was about eight years old. I still do. That never will go away.”

Campbell, who treated the audience to a blend of songs from ‘Ghost on the Canvas,’ as well as older hits, reflected on the new material, saying, “The songs actually speak for themselves. All I thought about was ‘sing it in tune with feeling.’ I don’t want it loud, I don’t want it soft, I just want it nice and comfortable because if you get the feeling out of a song, you’ve won the war. I’ve had that happen on occasions where it all just fell in place. Amazing. Everything sounds so good. It’s just like you’re in a room with somebody.”

Campbell’s Goodbye tour moves on to Reno this weekend, followed by a string of dates in the U.K., before it returns to wrap up in the States in December.

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