Like the thief who gets crushed by the heavy safe he's trying to steal, so goes the alleged hay bale thief. Of course, we're not talking about the standard size hay bale that you see strong cowboys and farmworkers chuck into the back of a pickup. We're talking about the giant bales created by giant machinery. The bale in question here is reported to have weighed about 1500 lbs. And the suspect in this case apparently tried to load or lift this giant bale, but ended up underneath it. It's at that point, you have two choices. Lay there and die, or get help...which also means 'get caught' if he indeed was trying to steal it. In this case, the man got help, and not just help getting the bale off of him so he could go on his merry way. He had to be flown to the hospital. Life Flight or similar air ambulatory services can cost $20,000 to start, so there's that, depending on if the alleged thief has insurance. Then hospital bills, then you have to deal with the law if it was a theft situation. I'm willing to bet he just wishes he would've paid for the hay. Ah, hindsight



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