Ahoy matey!

Batten down the hatches, me buccaneers, the Mid Columbia Pirate Festival is coming and AAAYYYEEE for one, will definitely be a-p-AAAHHHRRR-ticipatein in it.

The 4th annual Mid Columbia Pirate Festival takes place at the Clover Island Inn October 12th and 13th.

Admission to the p-AAAHHHRRR-tee is a wee bit o'booty.

Organizers are gathering goods for the local food bank and for Pet Over Population Prevention.

Please bring a donation of nonperishable food for people or pets. Cash donations will go to the American Childhood Cancer Organizations Inland Northwest.

On Friday, this family friendly gathering of pirates and assorted swashbucklers will have a meet and greet on the Clover Island deck by the pool, weather permitting, if not it'll be moved up to the Captains Table so we can stay warm while we plan our next plunder!

Saturday is a relaxed day shopping with vendors, avast ye, no hornswagglein', come raid the traditional Pirate Poker Crawl and the day finishes with a rollicking rendition of dancing games and prizes.

There will be belly dancers and mermaids and you can spend lots of time with a stagger in your swagger swilling rum, watching enticing dancers, storming pubs and oh such fun!

Remember to pirate responsibly, and Clover Island can help with that, as room rates start at $74 dollars for a single queen. A specific minimum number of rooms must be booked this year for, shiver me timbers, a 5th annual event to be possible next year.


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