That can be easier said than done! You open up your medicine cabinet and there they are all those old prescriptions that are expired and you don't need them anymore. So what do you do with them

Many communities are seeing that their water is being polluted by prescription drugs that are ending up in the drinking water! This comes from people that have taken their old prescription drugs and flushed them down the toilet or thrown them in the garbage and those dissolved drugs then seep into the ground water! Scary!

Here is an even scarier thought. If you have old anti-biotics and you flush them down the toilet and you have a septic system you can kill the bacteria in your septic system and it will fail! Because....the drugs are "anti-biotics"!

This Saturday September 29 is National Drug Take back Day! From 10am to 2pm at the Kennewick Police Station on 6th Ave in downtown Kennewick. There is no charge for this Drug Take Back Day and you can also bring 2 banker boxes or 2 shopping bags of documents that you need to shred! CI Shred will have their truck on site as well.

There will be a donation center set up at the event so if you feel so inclined to help out the Tri Cities Crimestoppers Reward Fund you can drop a couple of bucks.

Thank you Tri Cities Crimestoppers! And you can do the right thing by disposing of your old drugs the right way this Saturday! For more information you can check out the Tri Cities Crimestoppers Website!