Surprise! Tri-Cities #1 Reviewed Coffee Shop Isn't A National Brand Like Starbucks

Tri-Citians love their coffee and I was surprised to discover the best-reviewed coffee shop wasn't a national brand.


My wife is a huge fan of Dutch Bros. but Dutch Bros. made the list but wasn't the #1 best-reviewed coffee shop or stand in the Tri-Cities.

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Finding a good cup of coffee is usually up to each person's taste buds but sometimes some coffee stands outpace others when it comes to quality and taste.


I was surprised to see some other establishments on the top 10 list of best cafes in the Tri-Cities.

Stylish man enjoying the free internet at cafe

Tripadvisor has their list of the 10 best places to grab a cup of coffee and congrats to Barracuda Coffee Company for topping's 10 Best Cafes in the Tri-Cities list.


The Top 10 list of cafes included some eateries that I didn't expect to make the list.

Some of our Tri-Cities favorites made the list alongside Barracuda. Kagen Coffee and Crepes and The Local scored high on the list of best cafes in the Tri-Cities.

Just Joel's made the list as well and as much as we love Joel's pies, I didn't expect it to be on the top 10 list of best cafes. It does make sense because pie goes great with coffee.

The Village Bistro and the former Rooster's Coffee scored high in Tripadvisor's top 10 list.

It was surprising to see that Starbucks and Dutch Bros didn't make the top 5 even though both have huge imprints in the Tri-Cities and are well-loved as well.

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