The only tradition I partake in is watching the ball drop in New York and maybe setting off some fireworks. I was quite surprised to read how other countries around the world celebrate, you will be too.

  • In South Africa: partygoers throw refrigerators, beds and trash cans out of tall buildings before launching fireworks at neighboring buildings.
  • In Scotland: partygoers partake in a tradition called "fireball swinging," where they create big balls out of chicken wire, tar, paper and other flammable materials, set them on fire and and then walk through pedestrian-jammed streets swinging them on ropes.
  • In Venezuela: partygoers wear yellow underwear for good luck
  • In France: partygoers celebrate New Year's Eve with a feast called "Le Reveillon de Saint-Sylvestre". They drink champagne and eat foie gras.
  • In Ecuador: partygoers use wood, newspapers and rags to make human figures. They stuff them with fireworks and set them on fire. Most of the human figures are modeled after local politicians.
  • In Spain: partygoers will eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight.
  • In Greece: partygoers hide a gold coin inside a St. Basil's Cake. Whoever finds the coin receives good luck in the coming year.
  • In Turkey: partygoers dine on a traditional New Year's Day turkey.

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