I had so much fun this weekend!

Our band The SHADES was off all weekend from playing, so we all got together anyway and went out on Saturday night and watched all our friends play music! All of us musicians seldom get to see each other play, because we are usually playing the same weekends! So it's really fun to be able to catch some other shows!

We started out at Town Crier in Richland, and saw a our friend Terry Hirsh and his group called "Badlands" they were fun! And I love seeing two female singer/guitar players! The lead singer did an awesome version of "Straight on to you" by Heart!

Then we went to Bonefish Grill and saw my good friend Zac Mason and his band "Run From Cover". They are always fabulous! I love their style. It's like a mix of Coldplay meets U2!

Then we went to Tony Romas and saw Alan Patterson and his band "Just Sayin" and they play some very cool familiar tunes that no one else seems to do! And it's super fun to hear what they might do next! They sounded really good!

We ended the night at Clover Island with my favorite country band Stompin Ground, who I just love so much! I adore the whole band family! They are awesome entertainers and play a fun selection of country songs that make ya wanna dance!

It was a great time!

Our band "The SHADES" plays this weekend at Tony Romas and I think we play Thomas Oneil Cellars next weekend, so I'm glad we had a weekend off to go see all our friends play!

Don't forget to get out and support all these wonderful venues that hire us local musicians to play! We love to play and love to support the area local business's that have us!

We have so much talent in Tri-Cities musically! So come out and enjoy it!

Hope to see you!

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