A Pasco couple won 9.6 million dollars in a recent Lotto drawing, and are going to do some great things with their winnings. Now a story out of Pueblo, Colorado about a couple who thought they won the lotto jackpot, bummer man.

Jim and Dorothy Sprauge of Pueblo woke up and checked their lotto ticket numbers from the local newspaper Sunday, and all matched, they had won 4.3 million dollars. They were so excited they called some of the kids to tell them the good news. Then the walls came crumbling down, the newspaper had published Friday;s Matchplay numbers in place of Saturdays drawing. Sprauge said he's glad he didn't tell many people about the winnings before he found out about the mistake. The Sprauges say they can laugh about it now but admit they're still a little frustrated. I think the newspaper should buy them a lotto ticket every day for a year, or until the Sprauges win for real. I believe in fate, and I do believe the Sprauges will win the lotto someday, good thing happen to good people.