A man who was helping clean his great Aunts house after she passed away, got a real surprise when he found over 300 comic books in an old closet worth 3.5 million. Your read stories about this kind of thing, But I have never met anyone who has ever struck it rich from finding something, or buying an article at a garage sale, and later selling it for millions. If I buy something for 2 dollars at a yard sale, and someone tells me to get that appraised, guarantee it's worth $1.37 or less. If I own an old comic book, it's the superman they made 6 billion copies of,  or a painting of an Italian lake with a boat floating in the mist coming off the water is sure to be a paint by numbers piece of crap. The best part of most of these stories, is that the people never really know what they have, they didn't buy it because they thought it might be worth money, they just liked it. I read a story about a family that was having a yard sale for their deceased grandmother, and the family running thee yard sale didn't really care for the women, and openly talked about it during the sale. A neighbor who was friends with the women, didn;t really care for how the family talked about the deceased women with such harsh words. So when she bought one of the women's books for 50 cents, and after feeling something in the spine pulled out twelve hundred dollars in cash, she went back and bought every book they were selling. In all she found over 10,000 in cash in books, purses, coats and dress pockets. According to the women it served the family members right for talking so bad about their relative. I would send them a letter a month or so later with a picture of me in St.Croix, no name, no return address, just the picture. Maybe someday when we least expect it, and need it most we will all find our diamond in the rough. We can only hope.

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