The curse of Friday the 13th goes back to the last supper, yikes, how would you like to have been the waiter at that table. {click here} Allot of people have things they won't do or wear, or even say in the name of superstition. You know, your lucky socks, tapping the bat three times on home plate before you step into the batters box, don't break a mirror or you get 7 years bad luck. Then there's the black cat thing, and don't walk under ladders. I think some of these are just common sense, think about it. If someone is standing on a ladder I'm not walking around it because of superstition, I'm walking around it because Joe Laborer on the ladder could drop something. The whole black cat thing should be if you hit a black cat, that's bad for the cat. If the cat runs in front of my car with out contact, that's lucky for both of us,right?  Some of the other good luck rituals are nothing more than excessivecompulsive disorder. I say if wearing a lucky hat, or kissing a lucky rock before the big game make you happy, no harm no foul. Do something crazy today, break the Friday the 13th curse, In the words of Mary Chapin Carpenter, "They say you shoudn't tempt fate, I say fate should't tempt me" Have a great day!

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