Ask anyone who was alive during the ’90s, they’ll tell you: It was a magical time. Inflation was low, gas was cheap, and if you wanted to see a new movie on a Friday night you had to go to a theater to do it. And those theaters were absolutely filled with exciting, funny, dramatic films.

But not always.

As great as the 1990s were, they were not perfect, and neither were their movies. Sequels faltered, adaptations of beloved cartoons turned out to be disasters, and pro wrestlers and talk show hosts who had no business headlining their own films were given starring vehicles with painful results.

Here are our picks for the 25 worst ’90s movies, ranked from almost bearable with the right crowd and/or inebriation level, to so bad that every copy should be collected and disposed of in a toxic waste dump so that they can never harm anyone ever again, like they did with the E.T. game for Atari. You can read all our choices below...

The Worst ’90s Movies

We love the ’90s. But not all ’90s movies.
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The Worst Sequels Ever

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