From the Franklin County Firefighters District 4 facebook page:

What’s better then 1 new fire truck?

2 new fire trucks!

Introducing 2462, and 2463. Custom design wildland fire trucks.

Franklin County Firefighters Districk 4 - 1 facebook
Franklin County Firefighters District 4 -  facebook


Thank you to all the people who were involved in making this happen.

Special thanks to Chief Steve Cooper and our great fire commissioners. With a competent, well trained crew these engines will greatly increase our ability to extinguish fires timely and effectively.

According to wikipedia, depending on where the engine is stationed, more than twice as much the amount of fire hose can be carried aboard the rig above and beyond the national standard.

In the case of rugged terrain keeping engines from driving directly to the fire, large hose lays are installed to transport water to the fire areas. In desert areas with moderate terrain situations, less hose is used as it is easier to access the fire. Often the technique of pump-and-roll is used where the vehicle drives with the pump engaged while a firefighter uses a hose to spray water on the fire.

This technique allows a team of two to flank the perimeter of a fire.

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