When drones first started coming out, I was still into radio-controlled cars and 4x4 trucks and the cheapo $30 r/c helicopters that actually fly really well indoors.

I thought, oh, that's a cool looking remote control helicopter thingy. It has four props, that's neat; what a fun novelty toy for grown-ups. But I never expected them to be the amazingly useful devices they are today. When my neighbor's house went up for sale, the guy doing the inspection had a camera drone fly all around the roof to look for possible damage. TV shows and news channels use drones for sky shots that used to require a real helicopter and camera crew. And even law enforcement uses them to spot illegal marijuana grows hidden in cornfields and finding missing persons. Check out how the Franklin County Sheriff's Office is using drones to aid them in the field.

We have two drone flight maps to share today.

On 12-16-2020, we conducted a drone flight in the area of US-395 / S...

Posted by Franklin County Sheriff's Office on Monday, December 28, 2020


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