According to WSN, a drunk Chinese bus driver went a little nuts and tried to chew a woman's nose and lips off. Witnesses tried to pull the man off of the women, but police were able to finally separate the two. Doctors at a Chinese hospital say the women would probably have to have plastic surgery to repair her face.

Just an hour after the attack, the man in custody tried to eat another prisoner's nose and face, saying he was already hungry again. (Get it? Eating Chinese?)

O.K., I made that part up.

The story goes, the bus driver was on his lunch break and got all messed up on the sauce, the juice, hooch, Kool Aid with a kick, then left the bus station and went on his zombie romp. No bath salts to be found.

You know this is going to bring out all the kooks and zombie wannabes who now know if they attack someone they're going to make the nightly news. The attacker was asked about eating a lip, he said it tasted like chicken.

In China, zombies who try and eat a face but get full, they give you a to go box. To soon. I agree, it's not funny to the victims, but what the french toast, shout some cuss words if you're drunk and get on with your day, leave the people who could care less about zombies alone, freaks.