Was he a drug crazed nut ball, or a real zombie? A man in Miami attacked A homeless man and tried to eat his face off, let that sink in a minute. A passerby spotted the guy actually taking off hunks of skin with his teeth, and after throwing up a few times , he called police. How does a 911 operator respond to that. " Let me get this straight, there is a man eating another mans face, is he at least using a meat tenderizer". Cops showed up and told the guy to stop eating, and back away from the buffet table. When Hannibal Lecter wouldn't stop eating the cops had to shoot him, and even that didn't slow him. This guy must have checked out because the police didn't even bother tazing him, they just shot him several more time. Remember it's a zombie, you must hit it in the head. So far no one really knows why the guy thought eating another mans face was a good idea, but I think we can rule out boredom. Just when you think you've heard it all, another wacko story out of Florida. We should put a big fence around the whole state. Read more here.

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