Steve Woods/TSM
Steve Woods/TSM

As 'Heat Stroke 2021' continues, and this being one of the very hottest days, most folks are putting unnecessary stress on their vehicles by not using the RECIRCULATED AIR button. When you turn on the A/C in your vehicle, it sucks in air from the outside and cools it before it hits you. A genius invention that has saved many hot miles. But when it's this hot, your vehicle really, really needs to use the RECIRULATED AIR button. That stops hot outside air from blowing in and recirculates the cooler air already in your cabin. This makes your air conditioning system work way less to maintain your set temperature.

Another great way to quickly reduce the temp inside your vehicle is to pour liquid nitrogen all over the seats 5 minutes before you get in. But since liquid nitrogen turns to into a gas and creates a thick vapor or smoke-like substance, you may not be able to drive for a while. Also, it will make your seats so brittle, they could actually shatter. So it's best to just use the RECIRCULATED AIR button.

Stay cool, my friends.


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