The Apple Cup, the annual bash between WSU and UW for football bragging rights is coming Friday afternoon.  Yes, an excuse to skip Black Friday shopping. The regionally televised game will be on FS1 at 1PM from Seattle, matching the 6-5 Cougs (3-5 PAC-12 North) vs. the 6-5, 3-5 Huskies. Both teams have been disappointing this year, WSU folded after that epic meltdown vs. UCLA, leading by 5 touchdowns only to lose 67-65. UW gagging on Stanford, Oregon and Colorado.

But that doesn't stop us from the Husky Jokes!  Here's a little sampling of some classics:

  • Why are Coach Chris Petersen's teeth yellow-brown? A-too many creampuffs.
  • How many Huskies does it take to change a tire? A-Two. one to hold the wine spritzers and one to call Dad.
  • Why don't Huskies like making Kool-Aid? A-because they can't fit 8 cups of water inside that little envelope.
  • Why is the turf at Husky Stadium being changed to cardboard? A-because the Dawgs always look better on paper.
  • Four Husky Players are in a car...who's driving?  A-the police.
  • Why don't Huskies eat bananas?   A-they can't find the zipper
  • How do you get a Husky off your porch?  A-pay them for the pizza.
  • How do you keep a Husky off your yard? A- put up goalposts.

Enjoy the game!

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