Call them "dad jokes." Call them "bad jokes." But in honor of Spokane Hoopfest, we've poured over a ton of eye-rolling, groan-inducing, hardwood-inspired punchlines and have whittled them down to a short, ten item list which we call The Best of the Worst Basketball Jokes. 

That means you don't have to read sub-par humor like this:

What do you call a pig who plays basketball?

A ball hog.

Save that talk for the kindergarten playground, NOT the world's largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Here's another example of a joke we won't be mentioning in our comedic Spokane Hoopfest 2022 salute, The Best of the Worst Basketball Jokes:

Why did the coach make his team take a craft class?

So they would learn how to make baskets.

See? Way too contrived. And a bit wholesome for smack-talk. Here's another:

How do basketball players keep cool?

Stand near the fans.

You know what? This probably should be on the list, only because Spokane Hoopfest teams really do have fans (or at least supportive friends and family). And super-nice fans might spritz the players with water during a lull in the action.

Now that we know what you won't see in our collection of The Best of the Worst Basketball Jokes, it's time for you to see the best! Of the worst.

The Best of the Worst Basketball Jokes


Created in Canvas
Created in Canva

See what happened there? The words were rearranged until they meant something new. Does that count as an anagram? Or is it just a word-scramble?


Created in Canva
Created in Canva

This may actually be our favorite on the list. Because it's fun to say.



Or, as one baseball fan exclaimed to an Umpire, "why don't you bend over and watch the game with your good eye!"



This can be applied to any overgrown toddler situation in any sporting event. Or even at home. And in the office.



Nothing wrong with a good pun. Or even a bad pun. Groans are to be expected.



There must be other egg/basketball jokes out there; something about a hardwood boiled egg? But this is that one.



Root-beer is the best. Especially root-beer floats. Cheerleaders are great, too. But root-beer is better.



C'mon. That made you smile.



Watch the splash! Hope that isn't your good shirt.



Dribbling is a funny word by itself, so... Nailed it!

We hope you've enjoyed (or at least made it through) The Best of the Worst Basketball Jokes. Happy Hoopfest!

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