An unsecured load can be extremely dangerous. I'll never forget the time that I was almost beheaded by a sheet of plywood! The truck in front of me was hauling 5 or 6 sheets of plywood but they weren't secured properly. Naturally, I assumed they were. I wasn't tailgating or anything, but I wasn't really paying attention to the load in front of me either. All it took was the right gust of wind and up came one of those sheets headed right at me. Luckily it went over my vehicle and landed in the roadway in front of the vehicle behind me, who was able to stop in time. But for a brief moment, all I could see was that sheet of plywood coming right through the windshield and taking my head off! Believe me, I don't follow a loaded truck very close anymore. Especially if it looks like somebody is moving or the stuff was just thrown in there quickly. It turns out, unsecured loads have been an issue for vehicles on I-182 more than once this week. On the other hand, it's because of someone's unsecured load that I have a very nice, slightly scraped Igloo cooler (with no lid).


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