Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny-trail to Hermiston with a load of Easter eggs! Make your plans for an Easter party in person with Hermiston Parks & Recreation.

Credit: Hermiston Parks & Recreation.
Credit: Hermiston Parks & Recreation.

Pack up the kids and bring them to the Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt at Butte Park on Friday, April 2nd at 8 pm.
The park is located at 1245 Northwest 7th Street in Hermiston.

How cool is this? The Easter Bunny will dump 8,000 eggs at the park. Kids 10-years of age and under are encouraged to find them. It is advised for parents to stay with their kids during the event, HOWEVER, let the CHILDREN gather the eggs.

There will be a lighted area for the younger kids to gather eggs!

It's been a few years since I've witnessed an actual community Easter Egg Hunt. After hosting a number of egg hunts in the past, the one detail I do remember is that PARENTS can be pretty competitive. VERY COMPETITIVE. We've all seen THOSE overbearing parents. Hard to watch and not say anything.

This year's Easter Egg Hunt in Hermiston is different. The hunt is at night. Bring your flashlights and your baskets. Arrive early, as the hunt will start promptly at 8 pm.

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And parents, remember, the Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt in Hermiston is for CHILDREN 10-years old and younger.  Let the kids do the work. Please watch. Practice restraint. Let the kids find the eggs.

For more information click here.

Easter egg basket on field covered with eggs

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