Halloween is a week from Tuesday and if you're planning on putting your DOG in a costume, here's five safety tips before you do.

Amber Knickman

1. Have a "dress rehearsal." If this is your first time putting your dog in a Halloween costume, don't wait until the 31st to put it on. Buy one NOW and have them try it on a few times before Halloween.

Elissa Banfill

2. Pay attention to how they respond. If your dog won't look at you, folds its ears back, scratches at the costume, or runs and hides, those are pretty clear signs he's not into it.

Rachel Ehret

3. Don't force it. Some dogs just don't like being in a costume. Especially if they're an older dog who never wore one as a puppy. You can try to encourage them with treats and praise, but if they hate it, they hate it.

Juliana Palmcook

4. Stay away from certain types of costumes. You'll want to avoid outfits with strings or other accessories your dog could eat when you're not looking. And anything that restricts their ability to bark, eat, drink, walk, see or hear should also be avoided.

Suzanne Frain

5. Watch for heatstroke. It doesn't even need to be hot outside for your dog to overheat in their costume. Some material just holds heat better than others. So if your dog begins to pant or won't come when called, it could be a sign they're overheating.

Shelley Guinther

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