The Benton City Revitalization Organization is an organization focusing on making Benton City beautiful and appealing to visitors. The goal is to restore the historic downtown and revitalize the community.
Knutzens, Templemann’s, Port of Benton and Sun Pacific Energy are all sponsors for the "Fill Your Freezer Meat Raffle," which is an annual event to help raise money for the revitalization program!
A meat raffle will be held and all proceeds will go to BCRO. Tickets are on sale the day of the event and only $1. You could fill your freezer for a few bucks!
Each ticket you purchase gives you a chance for a choice cut of meat.
Meat Hogs are especially encouraged to participate! Not a Meat Hog? You could be after the Meat Raffle!
Support small town living and fill your freezer at the American Legion post 115 in Benton City on Saturday, September 15th from 2-5 P.M. FOOD, DRINKS FUN & MEAT!

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