My wife showed me this now famous picture a few weeks ago. When I read the story my heart broke. Here is a man on Lake Superior that takes his 19 year German Shepard out into the lake to relieve the dog's arthritis and the dog falls asleep in his arms as his master swims out into the lake.

The dog "Shoep" and the owner John Unger have been together ever since Shoep was a puppy. Now almost 20 years later and Shoep is nearing the end of his life John's wife snapped this picture that has now gone viral. It has been viewed over 3,000,000 times. It has been shared hundreds of thousands of times and liked by millions on Facebook.

I think the thing that makes the story so real for many of us is that we have all been there. We have had to say goodbye to a pet that we loved. I still iss to this day my Sandy, Hanna & Jake. They were all part of my family. No different than my children.

So here is the story behind this now famous picture of Shoep and his owner John Unger. And for everyone that knows the unconditional love that our pets bring us every day share this story and feel the love that John feels for his dog Shoep.