Bad looking counterfeit cash was attempted to be used purchasing items from the 7-Eleven store in Kennewick. An "alert" cashier spotted the bogus bills, (chinese pink symbols give it away maybe?) refused the exchange and called the cops.

KPD facebook page has this:

KPD $100
KPD $100

**19-47136 Counterfeit Money**

On 11-24-19 at about midnight an employee from 7-Eleven in Kennewick called in about a subject attempting to use the money in the photographs to purchase items from the location. The employee was quick to realize that the money was fake, because of the obvious pink symbols printed on the front and back, and denied the male his items. The male left the store without the money or the items. The male was described as being in his 50’s with red hair. The Kennewick Police Department has had several counterfeit money cases in the recent past and would like to remind everyone that knowingly passing or attempting to pass counterfeit money is a felony crime. We’d also like to remind our local businesses to talk with your employees about how to recognize this type of thing and what to do when it happens to them. If you can provide any information in reference to this case please contact SECOMM at 509-628-0333 and reference the listed case number.

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