I met a lady in the isle at Costco today and we were both looking at the strapless bras they had on sale. My remark to her was " I wish I knew whether these ones (2 pack) will fall down around my belly button the way all my other strapless bras do!" And she replied with "yea, I hear ya...but, I have one that is soo awesome it has rubber all around the bottom and stays put!"

Well, I was astounded!! I think I jumped up and down and was giddy! Okay, not giddy..but you get the idea. I love not having the straps for summer tops and dresses but hate that they always slide on down to my stomach.

So...I gave her my number and she texted me the name and where to buy them. Apparently they are available at Macy's so here's the link. http://www.wacoal-america.com/shop/bras/strapless/

They are spendy, but I think they might be worth it. Any one else have one of these?  The Wacoal strapless Bras? What do you think? Is she right? I don't know the return policy of Macy's so, thought I'd check with you all first!

Feel free to post your reply! Thanks~Faith


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