Well, according to a new survey from "Stupid News" by Wise Brother Media Inc, Women would rather win an argument than have a Spa Day!  I'm not sure that is true. But, some of the other things rang true for me.

According to the survey, the thing women want most is..

1. To cuddle with their partner. That was followed by..

2. Comfortable underwear

3. Someone telling them they've lost weight

4. Making someone else happy by giving them a present

5. SEXY underwear

Finding a bargain and getting flowers also made the top ten.

Which ones of these ring true for you? I'm voting for the 'cuddling with your partner' and comfortable underwear! Although you can never have enough sexy underwear. Hey...here's a thought! How about COMFORTABLE, SEXY UNDERWEAR?! now that is at the top of my list!!

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