There are PLENTY of EXPERT horsemen and women who train horses for a living! And lots of videos available. They are great to watch! In the end you have to be the one to get out and do it the work and adopt a version that works for you. .

I've had horses all my life, but could never afford to hire any trainers, so I had to learn from others and from what worked for me!   I got my Dream Horse 'Galeron' when he was 4 mos old from The Breeder/Trainer - Lauri La Sabre-Grell.

She shared her philosophy with me back then about teaching a horse 'At Liberty' and let me practice with one of her Stallions. And, I thought it was great! It just makes sense They respond better when they are on lead. And it's nice to know you can control them  even with nothing on them. Well, that is what we hope for anyway! Galeron and I have been out of practice so this is all a refresher for us as well!