Ever since I was little I've loved trucks. I guess because I was always hauling horses and admired a good truck that could get the job done. I've owned plenty of trucks in my life but none as good as the one I just bought from McCurley Integrity Dealership!

I pull a 3 horse Gooseneck Horsetrailer so I needed a truck that I felt could really do the job!

I found an awesome deal on this Chevy 1 ton, Dually, Quad Cab, Long bed! Everything I possibly wanted. it's a Diesel and it was affordable and had low miles!

I love it!

Thought I'd share the good news with you. So now I have a little Honda Fit, (that I leased from McCurley) and this awesome truck for pulling!

By the way, I had to take a quick trip to Seattle yesterday. Filled my Honda up for $32.00 and it took me all the way to Seattle drove