According to the officials overseeing the Benton Fairgrounds mass vaccination site, although they're recommended to make it go faster, appointments are not needed--IF you're getting the Pfizer vaccine.

Wednesday, 533 Pfizer and 31 J-J vaccines were administered; officials say in part due to the cancellation and delays the J-J is harder to obtain.

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According to officials, from their daily report:

"The site continues to encourage appointments through PrepMod, but they aren’t required. Due to the limited supply of Johnson & Johnson, it is not required but is strongly recommended to make an appointment to reserve that vaccine brand to ensure you receive a dose. Those that had appointments previously for the Johnson & Johnson that were canceled, will need to reschedule."

  " Residents looking for information on vaccination appointments can use the PrepMod online system or call (800) 525-0127, then press #."

While the pace obviously remains steady, the fact that appointments are not required for the Pfizer vaccine corroborates statewide data showing vaccination rates have slowed; they're not where state officials of Gov. Inslee want them to be.

Earlier this week, Inslee essentially said the more people who get the vaccine, the 'faster' re-openings will happen and more local control given back to counties.

Slowing rates are also why he's pushing his controversial (some say discriminatory) plan to urge public venues to have vaccinated and non-vaccinated sections for people; offering more options and flexibility for those who have had the shots.

Once the initial rush of those seeking to be vaccinated passed, it appears it's coming down now to those who want it get it, and those who don't, are not.

On one side, you have a steady drumbeat of officials pushing people to get vaccinated; on the other side, you have people exercising their personal freedom of choice in choosing not to. Lately, it seems as though that personal choice option is being trampled by officials, Inslee and the state.


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